How lovely are your branches.

It’s December! And I could not be more happy about it. I spent Wednesday preparing the house for our tree and waiting impatiently for B to get home. When he finally walked through the door I practically pounced on him and began to list off everything that I had planned for the evening. I quickly and excitedly explained dinner, a quick visit with friends, the tree lot, Starbucks soy gingerbread steamers, Elf, decorating… and in between squeals I took a few breaths.

We were on our way. Two burritos and a stroll around the tree lot later, we were back home and ready to decorate. When we first got married we realized we didn’t have any Christmas stuff so we began to collect ornaments from our favorite spots and places we traveled to. We had a blast going through all of the ones we’ve collected so far. This year we were able to add all of the ornaments we collected during our trip to Europe! We’re super excited to one day have a tree full of sweet memories and stories.

At the end of the night, after some jumping up and down and more squealing, I slipped in to my comfy Christmas pajamas and watched the tree be its lovely little self. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep smiling. It was the night before December 1st but it may as well have been the night before Christmas to me.

The tree is now up, my advent chocolates are waiting to be eaten, and the presents I started buying in October are ready to be wrapped! It’s December! Happy December, friends.

Oh, and Brett and I made a fun video! Check it out! …and watch for the occasional butt grab and random bad dancing 😉

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