This is life.

My head rested gently on your back. The warm sun on my cheek and the cool grass beneath me, I closed my eyes and soaked up every ounce of the perfect moment we found ourselves in.

Today was nothing spectacular by any standard of the world. B is still on Christmas Break from work and we spent most of our morning in bed. Mornings in bed have become normal for us the last couple of weeks. I usually awake first and start to stretch and roll and readjust my pillow and B usually opens one eye and mumbles something sweet and indiscernible …but sweet I’m sure of it. Our toes touch and we fall silent and sleepy for a few moments more until one of us bursts out with some early morning thought or silly antic. The silly antics are my favorite.

This morning was no different. After we awoke we spent a few hours laying there, together, in our own warm world of blankets, fluffy pillows, belly laughs, bed head, and dreams (the awake kind, the best kind). We acknowledged the creeping guilt we were feeling for still being in bed at 11 but we pushed it away deciding that we just didn’t care. What else could we possibly be doing that is better than this?

After some time we finally got out of bed and made a plan for the day. Our plans didn’t involve much, just a few errands here and there and a good bout of house keeping. After our responsibilities were finished we headed to the park. The sun was low in the sky and you tossed our blanket on to the grass at the top of the little hill. We plopped down and begin eying all the cute dogs walking by. You pulled out your pad of paper and began writing. I watched you watch the sky and I savored every handsome feature on your face. I pulled out my book and began to read, changing positions every few minutes in an effort to find a comfortable spot. My head rested gently on your lower back and I settled in. The sun was warm and turning everything it touched to gold, the grass was cool, kids laughed nearby, dogs were playing, and we were together under the trees. That’s when I felt it. The feeling that told me that this was the kind of moment that I was going to remember. The kind of moment that is going to pop in my head someday when I’m feeling overwhelmed or when we find ourselves in an inevitable stormy season of life. I closed my eyes and breathed in deep as I locked away every sound and smell of that moment in my heart. I smiled and thought to myself, this is life.

Today was a good day.

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