Monthly Archives: February 2013

Week 22

I bought 4lbs of strawberries at the market because they were on sale and I have had no problem making my way through them! The sweet tooth continues… And so does the appetite! I have a feeling you may be going through a little growth spurt because I can not satisfy my hunger! I’m still […]

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Week 21

You’re the size of a banana! I remember when you were just a blueberry. It’s hard to believe how quickly you’re growing. I continue to be amazed by you! I’ve been thinking a lot this week about what it means to be your Momma. I am so excited to begin this new role. I’ve never […]

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Half Way There!

20 WEEKS!!  ——————– I can’t believe we’re half way there! I’m told that the second half goes much slower than the first. The first half sort of flew by! So far, I completely LOVE being pregnant. It is absolutely the best thing ever! At 20 weeks I’m feeling great!  – All of that first trimester […]

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