Isabella: 5 Months

My Little Lady Bug,

You are 5 months! You’re still the sweetest most joyful little thing. I loved the newborn stage so much and was a little sad when you started growing so quickly. But, then I realized that every new stage you entered was just as fun as the last! I keep saying, “this stage is my favorite, no this stage is my favorite!”. Life with you is just so stinking amazing and every day is more magical than the one before! We are blessed, my little love.

This month you seem like you’ve gotten so much older! You love to chat, and squeal, and giggle. One of my favorite new noises you’ve been making is lots of “mmm” sounds! Daddy has been truing to get you to say momma since you were first born (he’s so sweet!). I think you’re moving in that direction! You are getting so strong and started pushing your elbows out to try and sit up at the beginning of the month. You also roll all over the place. I definitely can’t set you down and walk away without finding you in a whole other place! You had a doctor appointment this month and, as usual, you were given the stamp of approval and labeled “perfect in every way”. I love you so much and am so thankful that you’re so healthy and happy (and cute!).

I think I may have found your first freckle! I’m not sure how you got one considering how crazy I am about keeping you from getting sunburns. It’s on your leg and it’s kind of cute:)This month you also watched your first parade, tagged along and played with Daddy and Kona on two of Momma’s shoots, had your first Thanksgiving, did a little shopping on Black Friday, you went to your first football game, and mom and dad went on our first date night without you. We had a blast but we both realized that we had no more fun without you than if you were there. You are the peanut butter to our jelly, the gravy to our mashed potatoes, and everything is more fun with you! It’s amazing how much I already can’t imagine ever having lived a life without you.

This month, your dad left us overnight for the first time! We both missed him a lot but we kept each other good company, got lots of snuggles in, and had the whole bed to ourselves. When Daddy got back from China he brought back the cutest presents for you. You are now the proud owner of a tiny red kimono and an adorable little panda hat! You look so cute in both. Your Poppa missed you so much!!

This last month you and Kona have grown closer. You two are as thick as thieves! You love to pet her, you two try to sneak in little kisses when I’m not looking, and you giggle every time she looks at you! One morning I woke up to the sound of you laughing wildly, I looked and Kona was staring at you and licking you. You love our pup and it makes this pup-loving Momma’s heart so happy!!

Speaking of mornings, I’ve never met another soul as cheery as you in the morning. I love to watch you wake up. Your pretty little eyelashes and lips start fluttering and within a few moments your eyes are bright and you greet the day with your biggest smile as I greet you with my biggest “good morning!” and biggest kiss! You are the best, most joyful, start to my days!

This last month (November) is all about thankfulness. This year you are surely at the top of my list! I’m so thankful for you and all of the unbelievable, incomprehensible joy you bring to our lives.

You are SO loved,


Snuggling in Daddy’s clothes while he was in China and reading the Black Friday ads and watching the Macy’s parade on thanksgiving morning!!

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