Isabella: 6 Months

Six months! How on earth are you, my squishy fuzzy brand new newborn, six months old?! That’s half a year. That little blink of time only has to happen one more time and then you’re one year old!! How?!?! I’m blown away at the fact that you’re six months old (if I didn’t have a calendar I would never believe it. It’s impossible for time to go that fast, right?) but I can’t say I’m heart broken over it because, as short as it’s seemed, every second of it has been incredible. And every day/stage I think that it can’t get any better… And then it does! Again and again and again! I keep waiting to be tempted to feel those mom feelings I hear about. Feelings of being overwhelmed, or run ragged, or wishing for the next stage to come… But they’ve never come. It has been absolute bliss since the moment you took your first breath! Do we have tired moments? Yes. But those happened before you, they don’t happen because of you. I treasure being your momma and I treasure your sweet soul, beautiful girl!

This month has been all about Christmas! We’ve had so much fun baking, and decorating cookies, and visiting family, decorating the house, and even shopping together! You are the best Christmas helper! You took pictures with santa, we had the most amazing day at Disneyland, we read advent together on stage at church, and you played baby Jesus. We also took you on your first trip up to the cabin in Lake Arrowhead! The cabin is one of our favorite places and we had so much fun showing it to you!

This month Dad got a nasty cold. You got your first little case of the sniffles but it was over before we even realized it started, and then you gave it to me and mine was over before it even really started! Hallelujah! I told Daddy he got it the worst because of all the cookies and coffee he drinks and eats 😉

Dad’s been on Christmas vacation from work. I’ve loved that he’s been able to be here so many mornings to wake up with us and see what a ray of sunshine you are in the mornings. It really is unbelievable how explosively joyful you are the instant your eyes open! You seem to love that he’s here with us in the morning. We spend most mornings hanging out in bed all playing together.

You’ve lost a lot of your hair this month. You seem to have a mild case of cradle cap. It’s pretty much gone now, but with it went a lot of your thick dark hair! You know seem to be a little blondie (with a dark little tale by your neck!) and are just as cute as ever:) You have really found your lungs this month! I don’t mean screaming, I mean babbling… And loudly! I think it’s adorable, hopefully everyone else at the store does too;) You also seem to have fallen in love with your little legs! You love your jumper and I think it’s taught you that those little legs are for kicking. You kick kick kick all day long! I call you my little tap dancer.

I guess all you wanted for Christmas was your two front (bottom) teeth because that was one of your biggest milestones this month! You shocked us both times we found a tooth because you had shown no grumpy signs of teething. One popped through right when we got back from the cabin and the other popped through on your six month birthday! I can’t believe you have teeth!! And they’re sharp little things! I found the first one because you were chewing on my finger and I felt what felt like a razor against my skin! You’re a trooper!

We love you so much and are having the time of our lives with you. The last half a year has been the best of our lives and we can’t wait to continue watching you grow and become who you were created to be!

You are so unbelievably loved,

Baking with Momma

Why are these things so scratchy?!

This is what it would look like if I was a twin! (Sea World for my half birthday!)

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