Isabella: 7 Months

When I was reading through your weekly journal that I keep of all your little accomplishments and memories, I realized that much has changed from the beginning of this last month to the end. At the beginning I wrote about how easily and smoothly you were starting to be able to reach out and grab for whatever you wanted. I also wrote about how you had just started to sit without any aid and were starting to roll all around to get wherever you wanted. Now, at the end of this month, it’s as if you’ve been doing all of that forever. You sit, roll, and grab perfectly. You’re even showing major signs that crawling is near. You like to get up on your hands and knees and rock back and forth. If something interesting enough is in front of you, you will reach out and pull your body towards it. You aren’t crawling yet but I’m armed with the camera because I think it will be any day.

You’ve always been pretty chatty but now you seem very intentional about your noises. You make perfect B, D, M, and Y noises. You’ve started pairing noises together and have said momma and dada a few times but only because you were playing with sounds (as much as we like to believe otherwise). You’ve also said “bye bye” and “hi daddy”… Now to be honest, we can’t get too excited because these were total flukes and you were just making noises. But you did make those exact noises and dad and I got all excited because it was a little glimpse of what it will sound like when you talk. Speaking of noises, you’ve also started doing this loud squealing growl noise for fun. It’s very loud and sounds very angry but you think it’s awesome!¬†Speaking of being angry, you are smart enough now to know when you do or don’t like something and you are skilled enough to communicate that emotion. If I have to take something from you (like a diaper, or tissues, or paper, etc) or if we stop you from trying to roll over mid-diaper change you get frustrated and whine. You’re rolling around mid-diaper change is messy but you think it is so much fun! It’s unbelievable how quickly you’re becoming such a little person! We are able to really communicate with you now and it’s incredible! Daddy even taught you your first trick!:)When he raises his hands over his head, you mimic him and he shouts “touchdown!!!”. You think it’s so fun and funny to get such a reaction out of him. It’s adorable.

This month we also went on our first family hike. You slept through most of the hike but woke up for the prettiest part at the end. You had your first New Years Eve. You were asleep at midnight but I still gave you a kiss when the clock struck 12:) You’ve also fallen more and more in love with your piano .You can sit and play on that thing forever! You’re so delicate with the way that you play it. You definitely like to get a good pounding in here and there but most of the time you play with your fingers. We have a blast watching you and cheering you on. I hope you grow to appreciate and play with things like music throughout your life. Another development this month is your friendly reputation! You’ve only met a handful of other babies and, when you do, you get very very excited about it! It is unbelievably cute (although your new friends may think otherwise). You love to reach straight for their face or shirt and pull them as close to you as possible! When you get them nice and close you try to plant a smooch on them or you smile and squeal right in their face. You seem to be fascinated by other babies.

Speaking of fascinations, this month you have also used your new communication and mobility skills to let us know how in love with Kona (and any dog) you are.  You definitely got that from us:) You are fascinated with Kona. You love to touch her, watch her, lick her, and she cracks you up! It is not uncommon for you to be cracking up across the room because Kona is doing something as simple as staring at you. I have a feeling she likes you too. She likes to bring you her toys and push them in to your hands to try and get you to play with her. You guys are the best of buds. Although Kona is your favorite, you seem to love any dog. Last week we were at the park and a dog came running up to you while you were sitting on your blanket playing. It was a bulldog and he got right up in your face and started snorting and kissing all over you. His owner was apologetic but I assured her that you were loving it. You were all smiles and giggles as you watched him wiggle all around you.

With all of the strength and skill that you have acquired this month, you’ve also gotten your first couple of bumps and bruises. I watch you constantly but you somehow manage to get yourself in to sticky situations! Most of your first little “owies” have been from you kicking off of my legs while in my lap and slamming your head in to my mouth. It’s hurts Momma to see you hurt. Literally and figuratively;) A quick cuddle with Momma, lots of kisses, and you’re all better… but I still hate it when you get hurt.

Another new adventure you went on this month was a shoot with me! It was a video shoot for church and you got to play on stage next to Daddy while he practiced with the band. You also got to hang out with me back stage while I got a few shots during the service. I figured you would be too distracted with all of the lights to make any noises while I was shooting, but you were so excited by all of the lights that you made the cutest little squeal. I’m pretty sure no one heard it, but if they did I’m also sure they would’ve found it just as cute. You were such a good assistant!

I’m still blown away at how big your getting. Everyone talked about the newborn stage lasting forever and how it would drag on… I feel like it flew by! It’s all flying by! We are having the time of our lives with you and are trying our hardest to absorb every single moment of it. I just want to bottle all of this up so I can save it forever. I’m so glad you are ours, Baby Girl. So so so glad. Every single night I smell your head, breathe in your soft wispy hair, listen to your breaths, feel your heart beat, and I pray. I start to pray over your life but I often get stuck just thanking God over and over for you. He has made you, Little One, and He has made you beautifully and wonderfully. Never forget that.

You are so loved, Momma

You LOVE to eat your toes.

Always ready for some play time with your Kona Bear!

Making your moves on Noah and Judah!

Trying to roll over mid-diaper change! You think it’s so fun! It’s also very messy…

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