Isabella: 8 Months

You are 8 months old! For a second I had a mini-melt down about how time is flying and then I realized that you still have a whole third of your first year to go:) I’m glad you’re not going anywhere anytime soon because I just love you so much! Sometimes I think about you getting married or going to college and I don’t like it! I may be the only parent that encourages her child not to go to college or get a job or leave the home. That’s healthy, right? 😉 I just want to keep you my little baby forever! I love you so much. You are just the best thing!

Everything is more fun with you. Even something as simple as valentines day this month felt like a little mini Christmas. You made valentines and we gave them to the special people in your life. You went on two valentines dates with daddy and I and you even got a few cute little gifts. We had so much fun celebrating love with you!

This last month was the return of your hair! It’s growing back in nice, and thick, and blonde! It still blows me away that you have light hair and blue eyes! This month you were also on the move!! It started with gripping the carpet and pulling yourself towards things, then you would army crawl everywhere, and you ended the month rocking on your knees and army crawling to move anywhere. I loved watching you learn and your little bumper booty rocking on your knees was so adorable!

Another big milestone this month was you trying your first food! You had sweet potatoes. You didn’t hate them but you definitely seemed more interested in squishing them than eating them. When you did attempt to eat some you gagged at the feeling of something being in your mouth. Your faces were priceless!!

This month you also went on a camping trip! We went with Momma’s family and had such a good time. You, me, dad, and Kona all slept in the jeep. It was a tight squeeze but we had a lot of fun! You also sat in a high chair at a restaurant for the first time. You love having your own spot. I give you all of your toys but you like slapping the table and chewing on straws the most. When we leave there is a pile of straws all around you on the floor.

You and I took a trip to Joann’s fabric store recently. You were singing as we walked through the aisles. You do this singing noise often and I love it. I forget other people can hear it because I’m so used to it. A few older ladies noticed your tunes and loved listening and playing with you. Every time we ran in to them they would say “oh it’s the singing baby again!”. You were the hit of the store! I love how much you love singing and being sung to. You’ve been in love with it since you were born!

Speaking of your charm and cuteness, you’re starting to wave! You don’t always do it perfectly and sometimes you’re not interested.. But you have done it a few times now and it’s so fun!! You also went on your first daddy Starbucks date while mom had a shoot. I don’t know if you’re old enough to get excited about that but daddy definitely was. He loved getting to take you out and show you off. He can’t wait to continue taking you in dates like that as you get older. Speaking of Daddy, lately you have found a little perk of his scratchy beard. You like to rub your head back and forth on his chin and get a little head scratch. It is so funny to watch!

We took you to the play ground for the first time! You went down a slide twice, once in Momma’s lap and once in daddy’s lap. You also went on the swings. You were fine in the swing when you were in Momma’s lap but when I put you in the baby swing by yourself you cried! Maybe you just need some time for it to grown on you… but, Momma doesn’t really like swings either so I wouldn’t blame you.

Sometimes I find myself thinking about your future siblings. You guys are going to have so much fun together! I love my siblings and love spending time with them and the special bonds we share. I hope you’re all close and I’m excited for all of the awesome memories you’re going to make together.

You are two thirds of the way through your first year and you continue to get more and more fun, more and more adorable, and more and more sweet!!!! We love you so so much sweet girl!

You are so loved,




OUR CAMPING TRIP! All four of us slept in the back of the Jeep. It was so much fun!

You loved sitting around the fire! We caught two adorable things while you were around the fire… 1. You making fish lips!!! So cute and not something you’ve ever done before! 2. POINTING! You love to point lately. You just wave that index finger around and point, point, point. I love it!

Your fist food was sweet potato!! Your faces were priceless!

Get this booty out of my face!

Your first time in the highchair at a restaurant! We need to buy stock in straws because you love to chew them and then throw them all over the floor!

Visiting Daddy at work:)

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