Isabella: 10 Months

Taking these photos is getting trickier and trickier with this little babe on the move!

You’re 10 months old! Again, I looked back in your little baby journal at the entries from the beginning of the month and couldn’t believe how much you’ve changed in these last few weeks! You’re not growing in size as quickly as you did at the beginning but you are getting so smart so fast. It blows our minds! You had a big check-up at the doctor’s and, once again, you’re “perfect”! (No surprise to us, of course).

This month you started and mastered standing up on everything! You can even switch between leaning against the coffee table and changing over to standing against the couch. It’s so fun to see you learn and explore but this also means nothing is safe from your cute little hands! I went to the kitchen and came back and found you digging in the dirt of the knocked over plants on the coffee table. If you’re not buckled in to your car seat, you will even try crawling out of your seat and around the car. We also got to hang out down on the field at Petco Park. You had an entire field to crawl and crawl and crawl on with no limits and you loved it. I set you down and you were off and zooming away! With all of this newfound independence and mobility, we decided to set up your pack and play so that you have a safe spot to play in those random moments when we have to put you down quickly and can’t keep an eye on you!

Now that the weather is getting so warm, we’ve been taking more adventures. We went on two bike rides. You love to look over and watch the wheels, but you don’t love the helmet. Those darn baby helmets fit in a weird way that pushes your head and you’re not a big fan of them. You also went in the pool for the first time since you were really little. You love to splash the water over and over! You also seem to enjoy the jacuzzi. I only let your legs sit in the hot water but it puts you to sleep every time.

Over spring break we went to Palm Springs where you practically lived in the water. You’re old enough now to realize when you’re home and not home and on our first night at the hotel you knew you weren’t home. All you wanted to do was play all night! We had so much fun relaxing together and taking it easy. The weather was perfect!

All of this sunshine and warm weather brought us to the beach more often as well. The night before my birthday we went to watch the sunset. I loved watching the sunset but I couldn’t help but to watch you more. You were so quiet, focused, and mesmerized by the colors in the sky. It made me so happy. I hope you always appreciate the beauty in nature. We already know you love animals (by how much you love Kona and wave at any dog you pass). This month you met your furst cat friends as well! You had a blast petting them, following them around, and playing with their toys. They’re so much slower than Kona and you think it’s so interesting! (This month you’re confident and strong enough to crawl all over and play tug of war with Kona! It is so much fun! I think Kona likes having an extra play buddy too). Cats weren’t your only new animal friend this month, you also made friends with a horse. We went to your first rodeo and you got to pet a horse!

I think your first word is “hi”! At first we weren’t sure if it was a coincidence or not but after you said that sing-songy “hi” and waved at enough people, we became pretty sure you knew exactly what you were communicating. You are quite the little social butterfly! You wave and say hi to almost everything… animals, babies (you love babies and kids), and even flowers! We made a trip to the nursery on a windy day for some plants for the yard. The flowers you were looking at were blowing back and forth and you started waving back at them. It was adorable!

This month I turned 27. I remember last year’s birthday, I was thinking how you would be here with us on my next birthday and I couldn’t even imagine what that was going to be like. We spent a lot of time near the ocean, with friends and family, and we also went out for a fancy dinner at Benihana. You were a little antsy at dinner. I thought you were going to be mesmerized by the chef cooking but it wasn’t until a little pile of fried rice fell in front of you, that you were totally happy. You flicked that rice everywhere, ate some, fed some to dad, and rubbed it between your fingers. You had the time of your life with that rice! Later that night, we noticed a new tooth (your 7th tooth) had popped through!! That explained the restlessness:)

You also had your first Easter this month! We took some Easter photos of you dressed up as a little bunny. It was the most adorable thing! We drew a crowd while taking the photos at the park but I guess that should be expected with a cute little naked baby bunny crawling around the grass. You also met an Easter bunny. I kind of thought it would be cute to have a crying Easter bunny photo but you were all smiles and waves. We got you a little Easter basket and so did grandma. There were lots of little goodies in there for you but you seemed most interested in the Easter grass and plastic Easter eggs. On Easter I let you have a little bite of watermelon. It’s so fun to give you tastes of new things. This month you tasted strawberry (you devoured your strawberry), some veggie and berry juice (it gave you the most adorable purple mustache), and broccoli (you loved the broccoli so much that you wanted dad to share some with you and you ate it straight from the tray of your walker. You didn’t even use your hands!).

You’re always doing the silliest things and you seem to get even funnier as you get older. Lately you’ve found your feet quite tasty. Sometimes, when we’re driving, we’ll here you slurping and sucking on your little toes in the back seat. You also started to kiss. You’re still very selective about when you feel like doing it but you definitely do it! You kissed dad and made him get a little misty. He loves you so much! You also kissed your friend, Judah! It was completely unprompted and surprised us all! One of the funniest things you’ve done took me by surprise. I was working on some emails while you were playing with toys next to me. You kept making a “mah, mah, mah” noise. After it happened a few times, I looked over at you to see what you were doing. I realized that you were blowing bubbles with your mouth!! You were so focused and serious about it! I tried to join you and realized how hard it was. I was impressed at your focus and skill. You’ve done it a few times since and every time it cracks us up.

You are so much fun and bring so much joy to our life and the lives around you! I still can’t believe that this little person we prayed for is here and that you’re so incredible. You are far better than we could’ve ever wished for.

My goodness, you are SO loved!


Spring Break in Palm Springs!!

Meeting the Easter Bunny! I kind of thought a crying picture would be a little cute but she loved the bunny and waved and smiled and laughed at him.

We gave her some broccoli from our dinner and she loved it… so much so that she wanted to share it and eat it straight from the tray!

Sprinkles and sipping juice to celebrate the last day of Spring Break!

A wedding AND meeting horse!

Playing with rice at Benihana for mom’s birthday!

First rodeo!!

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