Isabella: 11 Months

One of your new faces vvv

Baby Girl,

My oh my… 11 months. That means we’re just a few short weeks away from 12 months. One year. How?! How has this happened?! Before we had you I thought that it would feel like an eternity for you to reach a year old. Then you arrived, and time started picking up, and I dug my heels in to the ground to try and slow everything down. The excitement of every “first” was met with a sting and a reminder that you are growing up way too fast. But then this other thing started happening… you became a little person. You started to recognize us, and wanted to hug us, and kiss, and play with us, and miss us. We’ve loved each other from the beginning but your ability to clearly express your love put a whole new spin on this growing up thing! I definitely think time is still going too fast and that I had no idea a year could happen this quickly but I’m also loving every stage and ‘first’ so much. Every part of having you is just the sweetest! It may be going by fast but every second of it is utterly incredible. And now it’s time to start planning your first birthday! The invitations are out and I’m so excited to celebrate your little life.

You learned some new tricks in your eleventh month. You say Dada (all of the time). You point at pictures of Daddy and say it and when you hear the front door open you say it. We were feeling pretty sure you knew exactly who were talking about when you said it but then you started pointing at everything and saying Dada (including dogs and also the very nice black man at the store;)). You may not have “Dada” down quite as well as we thought, unless you’re saying something different all together and we just haven’t put it together yet. This month you also started clapping (you love to join in on any applause) and shake your head no (we’re not sure how this started but it cracks us up). You also learned a new face. You like to scrunch your little nose and eyes all up and breath through your nose really loudly. A few strangers have been given the gift of your new face trick when they said hi to you and it just eggs them on to give you  more attention. I wonder if you’ve figured this out;) Another face you’ve grown fond of is pushing your lips out like you’re drinking from a straw and making “ohhhh” noises over and over. Last month you started kissing (you still only do this when you feel like it and rarely ever when we ask for it) but this month you added in hugging. It has become one of my favorite things when you throw your arms around my neck, bury your head in my chest, and squeeze. It is the best! Your at 7 teeth, your hair is getting longer (and blonder), your eyes are still definitely blue, and you’ve added a few freckles to your repertoire! Almost a whole year later and I still just can’t believe your hair is so blonde and eyes are so blue! I’m so glad that they are because you truly could not get any cuter (you’re, hands down, the cutest baby I’ve ever seen!:]) but I had such dark eyes and hair when I was born so that’s what I always thought you’d have. You are so beautiful! I know we have a lot more to learn about you but we already know that you have the sweetest little heart as well. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming and that you’re really here and so amazing!

You sure have mastered this moving thing! We have to keep a very close eye on you to make sure you’re not getting yourself in any trouble. We were in the living room while you were sleeping in our bed recently and we heard the tiniest little coo noise. We thought the noise sounded weird so we went to check on you. We turned the corner to find you propped up and standing/holding on to the footboard. You were just hanging out and seeing what was going on. It was a little scary to find you that way! Now we keep a very close eye on you when you’re sleeping in our bed. Thank goodness for video monitors! Speaking of standing, you don’t stand completely on your own but you are able to stand just by leaning your belly or your back on something. You have reached the no hands stage but you definitely need some help in finding something for that little belly to lean on. You are also crawling at high speed and have figured out how things work… like cupboards. One day you were opening and closing the cupboard over and over. Then you opened it and realized the stuff inside may be more fun. Before I could catch you, you pulled on the glass punch bowl and out it came sliding and crashing on the ground. I immediately stepped straight in to the glass pile with my bare feet to scoop you up before you could get sad or touch/crawl in any of the glass. It was very scary but it was a good lesson for me to learn and keeping you safe was also worth the giant piece of glass that got stuck under my skin! You’ve also taken an interest in climbing this month. You can climb up my chest and stand on my shoulders quickly and easily if I let you. You also like to climb to the top of the couch and stand in the window to look out. Your new skills are all very impressive but all of this growing and experimenting has also been leading to some bruises and ‘owies’! I hat when I find new ones on you and half the time I have no idea where they came from but I know that they’re just signs of a healthy, growing, learning you and that you’re having a good time earning them:)

This month you expanded your pallet. You love to sneak tastes of our food! You’re beginning to love food so much that we bring you a few little things to snack on and play with when we go to a restaurant because you started to enjoy playing with our food a little too much;) Other than little sneaks of things that we’re eating (like my cinnamon oatmeal that you love) you tried hummus, avocado, and tomato too! You loved loved loved the avocado. We love avocado too so we were pretty happy about that! We’ve learned you can only really have avocado while you’re naked because it’s just so messy. Another little treat you had this month was… salt! We spilled a little salt on the table and we couldn’t clean it fast enough to get it away from you. You not only tasted the salt, you smashed your face in to the table top and licked it off!!

Some people have the impression that having babies means the adventures and going places have stop. That is not our experience at all! Everything is MORE fun with you! This month we made a zoo trip (your favorite was the pandas and donkeys. You were pretty disinterested in monkeys of a ll kinds). We took you to a Padre game where you got to wear you Jersey you got for Christmas. You also got to go to the beach and watch quite a few sunsets with dad this month while I photographed nearby. One of our trips to the beach you even met some seals! You really liked the seals. This month you also went to your first car show! I was excited for you to go to a Volkswagen show with the family because I went to a lot of those when I was little too! You’re biggest trip has yet to be taken (we’ll be in the middle of it on your first birthday!) but we did go get you your passport in preparation for it this month!! I can not wait to get your adorable little passport in the mail. How cute!

There were also a few other fun things that happened this month… like Cinco De Mayo! The holiday didn’t mean much to you but you sure looked adorable celebrating! We put you in a little senorita dress and took lots of adorable pictures. We also celebrated my first Mother’s Day with you here! It was the best. Daddy woke us up with a big homemade breakfast, you even wrote and made me cards, there were beautiful flowers, and you even got me a record player! I was so excited about the record player because I’ve always dreamt of having one to play good music the old fashioned way for my babies and to make lots of fun family memories around. Daddy remembered my dreams! I pray you someday find a guy like daddy that loves you and remembers your dreams. One of the cutest things you did this month was fall asleep in your bath! You sure must’ve been tired because you didn’t wake up for dressing or diapering or anything! This month was pretty hot. There were a lot of wildfires happening in San Diego and we decided to stay home one day to try and beat some of the heat. We tried to keep the house cool but we failed and you fell asleep sweaty and sprawled out in nothing but a diaper on the living room floor. It was too cute! We also played a little tennis this month. Momma played tennis in high school and it was so fun to see you crawling all around the court while we played. Dad’s car is broken right now so you and I have been taking him to and from work every day. It’s been a great way to get us to wake up earlier (you and I like to sleep in) but it cracks me up that every morning we lift you out of bed and put you straight in the car seat and almost every time you don’t even notice!

You are so much fun and we are having the time of our lives with you!! I know that this will all just get better and better and better but right now it’s hard to imagine life with you possibly getting any sweeter than it currently is. I love being your momma more than I ever knew was possible and I’m so glad that we were chosen to be yours and you ours because, Baby Girl, we love you so much more than you can even imagine. You are beautifully and wonderfully made inside and out. I already adore the person you are and there is so much more to you that we get to learn! I’m thankful for and cherish every day with you.

You are so loved, Momma


One of my favorite faces you make is on the right:)

Your bath really tired you out!

Wrinkly toes are a sign of a good time!

“Dada! Dada!” and climbing!

Mother’s Day… the sweetest scene.

You loved that tomato!

Your favorite friend Kona!

Beating the heat with some ice water and naked floor naps.

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