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The Ceremony

The guests had arrived and began to take their seats among the trees. A rich warm breeze set the leaves dancing as the flowers took turns releasing their scent and kissing the noses of their loved ones. The processional begins. She is sitting hidden away in a cluster of trees waiting for her cue. She […]

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3 Months

Yesterday marked three months of marriage for me and B! The last two “month-a-versary’s” have been acknowledged with some sort of fun date..but yesterday’s came and almost went without even being noticed until someone at church asked how long we’ve been married:)So in honor of three months, a quarter of a year, here’s a blog […]

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Home Sweet Home

We’re all moved in.. It was totally wierd at first but we got used to it pretty quickly. So far we haven’t found any major quirks about living with each other (like everyone said we would). But I think that’s because this is both of our first times out of our parents house and we’re […]

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