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Ryne + Jennifer | San Diego Wedding Photography

I thought I had witnessed all of the sweetness of Ryne and Jennifer’s love during their engagement session… I was wrong. That was just a small taste of the love I saw between them on their wedding day. I saw it as Jennifer bloomed before my eyes the moment her and Ryne had their first look of each other. I saw it as I peeked over my shoulder and looked at Ryne’s face while he watched his bride get her photos taken. I saw it all over Ryne’s face as he watched Jennifer walk down the aisle. And I saw it in the beautiful words they vowed to each other and in the tears that most everyone had rolling down their cheeks.

We were so honored to have photographed Ryne and Jennifer’s wedding day and to have them as friends. They have kind hearts and a love that makes you want to love better. Congratulations you two!! We couldn’t be more happy for you! xoxo

Anden + Kathryn | San Diego Wedding Photography

Anden and Kathryn traveled from icy Iowa to get married in sunny San Diego. Unfortunately, sunny San Diego happened to be experiencing it’s biggest storm in years on their wedding day. Most brides would be disappointed, but not Kathryn! When I arrived at the bridal room, Kathryn was beaming and exclaimed “I love the rain!”. She didn’t care if it was sunny or storming, she just wanted to get to the aisle and marry Anden. Anden and Kathryn are two of the most easy going, sweet, and caring people. They both put others before themselves and radiate a kind of steadfast joy that is untouched by circumstances.

Their wedding day was smooth and beautiful. Between the ceremony and reception, the four of us snuck off to Balboa park for some portraits of the two of them. They changed their shoes, grabbed umbrellas, and headed in to the rain, both with big beaming smiles on their faces. This day wasn’t about little details or weather to them, it was only about their love and the happy start of their new marriage… just as it should be:)

Kathryn and Anden, it was such a joy to be a part of your wedding day. You both are so genuine and genuinely in love. I am so excited to watch your marriage bloom and see all that is in store for you both in the coming years! Congratulations and MUCH love.

Isabella: 9 Months

You’re nine months! I feel like you’ve grown so fast but this month, especially, you’ve become so grown up. At the beginning of the month you were barely crawling and scooting around and now you’re a crawling pro (you’re quick!). You’re even pulling yourself up and standing on things! Sometimes I put you in your walker while I clean the house and you’ve even mastered that. You love to run wildly, laughing, and heading straight towards us until you slam in to us. Kona isn’t so sure she likes this new skill of yours. You also went from having 2 teeth to 5 teeth in the span of a week! Your hair is growing so fast and is looking very golden. Every day I think you can’t get cuter and then you go and continue getting cuter by the day!!

This month you had a few fun first experiences. You were a flower girl at your uncle Brian’s wedding. You looked adorable but you slacked on your job a little bit. You decided to eat the flowers on your way down the aisle rather than drop any:) We also had a chicken show up on our property (it’s still here and sticking around). You had never seen a chicken but you think she’s so funny! You love watching her waddle around and peck the ground. You also went with mom to a bachelorette shower/party! You got all dressed up and everything! We also went on a date with dad to a nice Italian restaurant. You were such an angel and the waiters were in love with you. You rode in a shopping cart for the first time and thought it was the best thing. We made a little trip to the friendship garden in Balboa where you saw blooming Japanese cherry blossom trees! You also listened to bagpipers for the first time on St Patrick’s day. Watching you listen to music never gets old. You were so captivated by their songs.

This month you also ate some new things. Sweet potatoes, banana, and applesauce. You seem to like the banana and apple sauce and you tolerated the sweet potatoes. You also seem to have a taste for dog toys because I can’t get you to stop putting them in your mouth. I keep them away from you but it doesn’t help that Kona likes to bring them to you as soon as I turn my back. I think she wants you to play with her or she like her toys to be covered in your tasty drool. You also love to eat paper. We’ve had a couple incidents now where we’ve found interesting words and paper snippets in your diaper. Dad and I took you to a bookstore for the first time this month. You crawled all around and looked through the books with us but I think you really just wanted to have a book buffet! Another thing you like to chew on is straws. When we go to a restaurant all we need to entertain you is a straw. Well more like 10 straws because you have a tendency of throwing them all on the ground:) When we do go to a restaurant you barely make a peep but we do leave a big pile of straws on the floor when we leave.

You were also quite the daddy’s girl this month. You get so excited when he comes home or when you wake up to him on the weekends. You love to sit and watch him play guitar and love it even more when you get to play (smack) the guitar with him. We worked a lot on the yard the last couple of weeks and you were there for most of it on daddy’s or my back. You were so quiet and content being out there with us.

I was surprised, when you were born, at how quickly you were able to crack us up! From the beginning, you were entertaining us with the faces you would make. As you’ve gotten older you’ve just gotten funnier! One of the things you do that’s been cracking us up lately is what we call your bull dog face. You like to suck in your top lip and push your bottom lip out and just sit around like that. We’ve also been catching you laughing in your sleep lately. I didn’t know what you’re dreaming about that’s so funny. I like to think it’s something about you riding Kona like a horse around the yard. You’re also killing us with your waves. You wave in the cutest way, flicking your wrist around. You love to wave at anything and everything. I catch you waving at strangers behind me in the store and you were even waving at a picture of you and daddy that you saw in the computer. Speaking of pictures. Any picture of a person illicits a big smile and wave from you. I don’t think you quite understand photos yet and I love it. You just wave and wave and stare waiting for them to wave back. You’ve also been doing this funny thing where you lunge at me and crawl in to my arms when you hear a loud noise or Kona runs by you. You don’t look afraid, it just like you want to get back to home base quickly. You’re also pretty good at mimicking. You can mimic waves, you like to mimic smacking the table or couch, you like to copy and repeat the “hi” noise when someone says hi to you (you usually greet me in the morning with this same noise), you like to mimic coughing, laughing, and singing also. Speaking of singing, you’re still in love with it. You love to listen to it and sing along. I can’t wait to see if you grow up to be musical. Recently at church, the music started and you whipped your head around and locked your eyes on the stage while the singing happened. It was adorable!

You pretty much fill our lives to the brim with Adorable. I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it but you’re almost always happy, content, and overflowing with joy. I love watching you not only experience life but love it. You already pay such close attention to the small things. I put toys all around you and you’ll ignore them all to study and focus on the little piece of fuzz or blade of grass nearby. I hope you continue to love those little things. You are just the best little thing, little one!!!

You are so loved,

Isabella baby butterfly cute tootie foofy flutterby.

Those darn teeth trying to come in all at once.

The daintiest fingers in all the land. She’s always so captivated by the tiniest little things.

Always cracking us up. She pointed and waved over and over at this picture of her and Daddy. WE also find her sleeping like this often.

Her first ride in the big grocery cart!

Her little sleepy face is the sweetest thing.

Pepin Wedding | San Diego Wedding Photography

I am so so excited to share photos from Brian and Kim’s wedding today! I think they are amazing and I love them dearly… although I’m a little biased because Brian is my brother-in-law and Kim is now my sister-in-law!

A couple of years back Brian brought Kim to a family dinner for the first time. After dinner was over we all headed back to our cars and I told Brett, “I love her. This is the girl”. Brett agreed and we sat back and waited for the day Brian would call and tell us he was going to propose. Finally that day came and Brett headed to San Francisco to photograph Brian as he got on one knee, in front of the Bay Bridge, and told Kim that she was ‘the girl’.

Their wedding day was everything a wedding day should be. They promised themselves to each other on Sunset Cliffs surrounded by their very closest friends and family and then we all celebrated together over good food, good drinks, and lots of laughter. It is so easy to get wrapped up in all of the tiny details of planning a big wedding. I admired how committed Brian and Kim were to keeping their wedding day all about what really mattered to them. These two are the real deal and I love them so much! Congratulations Brian & Kim!!

Oh, and they had the cutest flower girl and most handsome best man! …but again, I may be a little biased.

Isabella: 8 Months

You are 8 months old! For a second I had a mini-melt down about how time is flying and then I realized that you still have a whole third of your first year to go:) I’m glad you’re not going anywhere anytime soon because I just love you so much! Sometimes I think about you getting married or going to college and I don’t like it! I may be the only parent that encourages her child not to go to college or get a job or leave the home. That’s healthy, right? 😉 I just want to keep you my little baby forever! I love you so much. You are just the best thing!

Everything is more fun with you. Even something as simple as valentines day this month felt like a little mini Christmas. You made valentines and we gave them to the special people in your life. You went on two valentines dates with daddy and I and you even got a few cute little gifts. We had so much fun celebrating love with you!

This last month was the return of your hair! It’s growing back in nice, and thick, and blonde! It still blows me away that you have light hair and blue eyes! This month you were also on the move!! It started with gripping the carpet and pulling yourself towards things, then you would army crawl everywhere, and you ended the month rocking on your knees and army crawling to move anywhere. I loved watching you learn and your little bumper booty rocking on your knees was so adorable!

Another big milestone this month was you trying your first food! You had sweet potatoes. You didn’t hate them but you definitely seemed more interested in squishing them than eating them. When you did attempt to eat some you gagged at the feeling of something being in your mouth. Your faces were priceless!!

This month you also went on a camping trip! We went with Momma’s family and had such a good time. You, me, dad, and Kona all slept in the jeep. It was a tight squeeze but we had a lot of fun! You also sat in a high chair at a restaurant for the first time. You love having your own spot. I give you all of your toys but you like slapping the table and chewing on straws the most. When we leave there is a pile of straws all around you on the floor.

You and I took a trip to Joann’s fabric store recently. You were singing as we walked through the aisles. You do this singing noise often and I love it. I forget other people can hear it because I’m so used to it. A few older ladies noticed your tunes and loved listening and playing with you. Every time we ran in to them they would say “oh it’s the singing baby again!”. You were the hit of the store! I love how much you love singing and being sung to. You’ve been in love with it since you were born!

Speaking of your charm and cuteness, you’re starting to wave! You don’t always do it perfectly and sometimes you’re not interested.. But you have done it a few times now and it’s so fun!! You also went on your first daddy Starbucks date while mom had a shoot. I don’t know if you’re old enough to get excited about that but daddy definitely was. He loved getting to take you out and show you off. He can’t wait to continue taking you in dates like that as you get older. Speaking of Daddy, lately you have found a little perk of his scratchy beard. You like to rub your head back and forth on his chin and get a little head scratch. It is so funny to watch!

We took you to the play ground for the first time! You went down a slide twice, once in Momma’s lap and once in daddy’s lap. You also went on the swings. You were fine in the swing when you were in Momma’s lap but when I put you in the baby swing by yourself you cried! Maybe you just need some time for it to grown on you… but, Momma doesn’t really like swings either so I wouldn’t blame you.

Sometimes I find myself thinking about your future siblings. You guys are going to have so much fun together! I love my siblings and love spending time with them and the special bonds we share. I hope you’re all close and I’m excited for all of the awesome memories you’re going to make together.

You are two thirds of the way through your first year and you continue to get more and more fun, more and more adorable, and more and more sweet!!!! We love you so so much sweet girl!

You are so loved,




OUR CAMPING TRIP! All four of us slept in the back of the Jeep. It was so much fun!

You loved sitting around the fire! We caught two adorable things while you were around the fire… 1. You making fish lips!!! So cute and not something you’ve ever done before! 2. POINTING! You love to point lately. You just wave that index finger around and point, point, point. I love it!

Your fist food was sweet potato!! Your faces were priceless!

Get this booty out of my face!

Your first time in the highchair at a restaurant! We need to buy stock in straws because you love to chew them and then throw them all over the floor!

Visiting Daddy at work:)