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Taylor + Nikki | Knitted

I’m so excited to share the rest of Taylor & Nikki’s sweet portraits from their Knitted session! Such a sweet love they share! If you didn’t know, we’re giving a Knitted session away to one married couple. Contact me and tell me a little about yourselves if you, or someone you know, would enjoy portraits like these. I’m so excited to pick a winner!

Knitted | Heather Pepin Photography


I’ve been created with a deep passion for beauty. Wherever I go, whatever season of life I’m in, whoever I meet, I like to find it and tell it’s story. Portraiture has been such an incredible blessing because it allows me to do just this; I get to find the deeper beauty in people and their lives and create art that tells of it.

I’ve witnessed many couples enter into marriage. On their wedding day, they truly ‘see’ each other. They praise the strengths, they give grace to the faults, they appreciate the quirks. She breathes in deep his familiar scent; he holds her face in his hands as he kisses her. There’s lingering in their embrace; there are secret words whispered. They cherish each other. They’re in love and desire nothing but to continue loving that person from that day forward, for better or for worse.

I think we all intend and hope for every day of our marriage to be as full of love and adoration as it was on our wedding day. Instead, we live in a very noisy world where life’s chaos can sometimes creep in without us noticing. To-do lists, errands, responsibilities, and pressures distract us, making us impatient, selfish, and hardened. We have a few bad days and if we’re not careful, bad days may turn into weeks and weeks may turn into months, and sometimes these beautiful commitments between two people once so in love are even broken. What if it didn’t have to be this way? What if we put our marriages first? What if we didn’t forget? What if we maintained the love we shared on our wedding day? What if we took the time to cherish each other? What if we left legacies of love, commitment, friendship, and happy marriages for our children and our children’s children?

For five years I’ve photographed people professionally. I’ve had the opportunity to take many portraits and have seen people both open up and shut down in front of my camera. I quickly learned that my choices, words, and actions had huge potential in changing the way people felt while being photographed. I’ve watched as people have come alive in front of me. I’ve watched vulnerability, affection, and healing of the heart unfold as I help to lessen life’s noise and give people time and space to be nothing but themselves, together, in love. The more tastes of these interactions I got, the more I fell in love with and felt inspired by the potential I held in my hands.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and dreaming on this subject over the past couple of years. I thought, what if, through the way I photograph people and conduct portrait sessions, I could do something to help couples continue to cherish, remember, and celebrate their love after the wedding day? What if getting portraits in order to celebrate the love of a couple weren’t just saved for engagements? What if portrait sessions were actually about playing, holding each other, laughing together, and whispers in your ear from the one you love. What if they were only about creating real moments and real connections, and the art that resulted from this time together served as beautiful real reminders of the truth and love that you share?

As time goes on and the noise of the world gets louder in my own life, I find myself becoming extra intentional about everything I do. I don’t want to create art for the sake of running a business, or having a hobby, or doing something fun. If I’m going to photograph people and partake in their stories, then I want to do it in a way that matters. I want the Creator of these marriages and people and stories to be glorified. I want hearts to be changed. I want the work of my hands and the use of my time to be used to make a difference. This has always been the desire of my heart and the vision for photography in my life, and I’m excited to take some fun steps further in that direction. Combining my passion for raw beauty in the stories and lives of people with my passion for creating art that tells of those stories has led me to photography. Now, adding to that my desire to see seasoned, healthy, happy marriages full of love is what has led me to “Knitted”.

“Knitted”: To be tied together. The act of drawing together. To become closer, to grow together. Joined, bonded, fused, united.

My hope for Knitted sessions is much bigger than portraiture. It’s about the celebration of marriage and remembering and cherishing the one you’ve married. I deeply hope to provide a space where couples can be together, away from the noise and responsibilities of daily life that often distract and entangle. I want to encourage laughter, play, sharing, holding, and cherishing. It is in this place, where they’re soaked in their truest, most raw, stripped down version of their love, that I want to capture their story. It is the already beautiful and real masterpiece they’re in the middle of that I want to create art out of. It is truth that I want to capture, truth that I want them to remember. The truth of who they are in the other’s eyes, the truth of how deep their love runs, remembrance and celebration of their hard won victories, and a reminder of the beautiful and sacred commitment they’ve made to each other. These sessions are a great way to celebrate your relationship, whether the occasion is an anniversary or simply because you want to spend some quality time with your Beloved, reconnecting and having fun (and, of course, you get the extra treat of beautiful, authentic portraits to treasure forever as well).

Make no mistake, I am absolutely continuing to photograph weddings, families, and senior portraits and am already dreaming and planning super exciting ways to incorporate this approach to portraiture in those areas as well (more on that later).  But today, after much preparation, prayer, and anticipation, it makes my heart so happy to begin celebrating married couples and offering Knitted sessions. Like art, marriage is a process. It takes time, effort, patience, and skill. Marriages, like people, are each so different and have so much depth and story beneath the masterpieces that they are. I am overjoyed to offer an opportunity to tell that story and to celebrate the work of art your marriage is.

Let’s chat and plan a day to celebrate your beautiful marriage!!

February 13, 2014 - 2:32 PM

Heather Rebekkah - What a wonderful idea! This is definitely something I’d be interested in.

February 18, 2014 - 9:48 PM

Ursula - Hi Heather!
I love this concept, reading about your vision, and looking at these stunning photos! You’re right about how we get so busy in our lives that it’s easy to lose that spark that is so alive on your wedding day. For Erik and I, we put everything we have into our kids, home, family, and work but unfortunately don’t take as much time to focus just on ourselves (although we’re getting better at that slowly). It would be amazing to go back to the spot where we got engaged almost 15 years ago, Torrey Pines cliffs overlooking the ocean. Holy moly I’m just now in this moment realizing that our July 24 anniversary this year will be 15 years! Feeling a bit embarrassed that I didn’t have my pulse on that closer!! Even crazier is that we’ve been together for 23 years – high school sweethearts. Wow! I’m feeling grateful right now for this opportunity to reflect back on the last 20-some years through this writing. Erik isn’t much of a photo-kind-of-guy so getting pictures of the two of us doesn’t come often enough…but going back to our “stomping ground” (Erik surfed Torrey Pines MANY years and we lived only a few blocks away) would have to be the most comfortable and meaningful place for the two of us. I could blab on…thank you for this opportunity to add to our growth and appreciation of the special bond that Erik and I have :)

February 18, 2014 - 11:18 PM

Heather Pepin - Thanks Heather! We are actually giving one Knitted session away:) Just contact me and tell me a little bit about yourselves and why you want to do a session like this and I’ll add your name in. We are choosing a name on Friday:)

February 18, 2014 - 11:20 PM

Heather Pepin - Hi Ursula! I loved reading this!!! You guys are so adorable. Thanks so much for sharing this with me:)

Isabella: 7 Months

When I was reading through your weekly journal that I keep of all your little accomplishments and memories, I realized that much has changed from the beginning of this last month to the end. At the beginning I wrote about how easily and smoothly you were starting to be able to reach out and grab for whatever you wanted. I also wrote about how you had just started to sit without any aid and were starting to roll all around to get wherever you wanted. Now, at the end of this month, it’s as if you’ve been doing all of that forever. You sit, roll, and grab perfectly. You’re even showing major signs that crawling is near. You like to get up on your hands and knees and rock back and forth. If something interesting enough is in front of you, you will reach out and pull your body towards it. You aren’t crawling yet but I’m armed with the camera because I think it will be any day.

You’ve always been pretty chatty but now you seem very intentional about your noises. You make perfect B, D, M, and Y noises. You’ve started pairing noises together and have said momma and dada a few times but only because you were playing with sounds (as much as we like to believe otherwise). You’ve also said “bye bye” and “hi daddy”… Now to be honest, we can’t get too excited because these were total flukes and you were just making noises. But you did make those exact noises and dad and I got all excited because it was a little glimpse of what it will sound like when you talk. Speaking of noises, you’ve also started doing this loud squealing growl noise for fun. It’s very loud and sounds very angry but you think it’s awesome! Speaking of being angry, you are smart enough now to know when you do or don’t like something and you are skilled enough to communicate that emotion. If I have to take something from you (like a diaper, or tissues, or paper, etc) or if we stop you from trying to roll over mid-diaper change you get frustrated and whine. You’re rolling around mid-diaper change is messy but you think it is so much fun! It’s unbelievable how quickly you’re becoming such a little person! We are able to really communicate with you now and it’s incredible! Daddy even taught you your first trick!:)When he raises his hands over his head, you mimic him and he shouts “touchdown!!!”. You think it’s so fun and funny to get such a reaction out of him. It’s adorable.

This month we also went on our first family hike. You slept through most of the hike but woke up for the prettiest part at the end. You had your first New Years Eve. You were asleep at midnight but I still gave you a kiss when the clock struck 12:) You’ve also fallen more and more in love with your piano .You can sit and play on that thing forever! You’re so delicate with the way that you play it. You definitely like to get a good pounding in here and there but most of the time you play with your fingers. We have a blast watching you and cheering you on. I hope you grow to appreciate and play with things like music throughout your life. Another development this month is your friendly reputation! You’ve only met a handful of other babies and, when you do, you get very very excited about it! It is unbelievably cute (although your new friends may think otherwise). You love to reach straight for their face or shirt and pull them as close to you as possible! When you get them nice and close you try to plant a smooch on them or you smile and squeal right in their face. You seem to be fascinated by other babies.

Speaking of fascinations, this month you have also used your new communication and mobility skills to let us know how in love with Kona (and any dog) you are.  You definitely got that from us:) You are fascinated with Kona. You love to touch her, watch her, lick her, and she cracks you up! It is not uncommon for you to be cracking up across the room because Kona is doing something as simple as staring at you. I have a feeling she likes you too. She likes to bring you her toys and push them in to your hands to try and get you to play with her. You guys are the best of buds. Although Kona is your favorite, you seem to love any dog. Last week we were at the park and a dog came running up to you while you were sitting on your blanket playing. It was a bulldog and he got right up in your face and started snorting and kissing all over you. His owner was apologetic but I assured her that you were loving it. You were all smiles and giggles as you watched him wiggle all around you.

With all of the strength and skill that you have acquired this month, you’ve also gotten your first couple of bumps and bruises. I watch you constantly but you somehow manage to get yourself in to sticky situations! Most of your first little “owies” have been from you kicking off of my legs while in my lap and slamming your head in to my mouth. It’s hurts Momma to see you hurt. Literally and figuratively;) A quick cuddle with Momma, lots of kisses, and you’re all better… but I still hate it when you get hurt.

Another new adventure you went on this month was a shoot with me! It was a video shoot for church and you got to play on stage next to Daddy while he practiced with the band. You also got to hang out with me back stage while I got a few shots during the service. I figured you would be too distracted with all of the lights to make any noises while I was shooting, but you were so excited by all of the lights that you made the cutest little squeal. I’m pretty sure no one heard it, but if they did I’m also sure they would’ve found it just as cute. You were such a good assistant!

I’m still blown away at how big your getting. Everyone talked about the newborn stage lasting forever and how it would drag on… I feel like it flew by! It’s all flying by! We are having the time of our lives with you and are trying our hardest to absorb every single moment of it. I just want to bottle all of this up so I can save it forever. I’m so glad you are ours, Baby Girl. So so so glad. Every single night I smell your head, breathe in your soft wispy hair, listen to your breaths, feel your heart beat, and I pray. I start to pray over your life but I often get stuck just thanking God over and over for you. He has made you, Little One, and He has made you beautifully and wonderfully. Never forget that.

You are so loved, Momma

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Isabella: 6 Months

Six months! How on earth are you, my squishy fuzzy brand new newborn, six months old?! That’s half a year. That little blink of time only has to happen one more time and then you’re one year old!! How?!?! I’m blown away at the fact that you’re six months old (if I didn’t have a calendar I would never believe it. It’s impossible for time to go that fast, right?) but I can’t say I’m heart broken over it because, as short as it’s seemed, every second of it has been incredible. And every day/stage I think that it can’t get any better… And then it does! Again and again and again! I keep waiting to be tempted to feel those mom feelings I hear about. Feelings of being overwhelmed, or run ragged, or wishing for the next stage to come… But they’ve never come. It has been absolute bliss since the moment you took your first breath! Do we have tired moments? Yes. But those happened before you, they don’t happen because of you. I treasure being your momma and I treasure your sweet soul, beautiful girl!

This month has been all about Christmas! We’ve had so much fun baking, and decorating cookies, and visiting family, decorating the house, and even shopping together! You are the best Christmas helper! You took pictures with santa, we had the most amazing day at Disneyland, we read advent together on stage at church, and you played baby Jesus. We also took you on your first trip up to the cabin in Lake Arrowhead! The cabin is one of our favorite places and we had so much fun showing it to you!

This month Dad got a nasty cold. You got your first little case of the sniffles but it was over before we even realized it started, and then you gave it to me and mine was over before it even really started! Hallelujah! I told Daddy he got it the worst because of all the cookies and coffee he drinks and eats 😉

Dad’s been on Christmas vacation from work. I’ve loved that he’s been able to be here so many mornings to wake up with us and see what a ray of sunshine you are in the mornings. It really is unbelievable how explosively joyful you are the instant your eyes open! You seem to love that he’s here with us in the morning. We spend most mornings hanging out in bed all playing together.

You’ve lost a lot of your hair this month. You seem to have a mild case of cradle cap. It’s pretty much gone now, but with it went a lot of your thick dark hair! You know seem to be a little blondie (with a dark little tale by your neck!) and are just as cute as ever:) You have really found your lungs this month! I don’t mean screaming, I mean babbling… And loudly! I think it’s adorable, hopefully everyone else at the store does too;) You also seem to have fallen in love with your little legs! You love your jumper and I think it’s taught you that those little legs are for kicking. You kick kick kick all day long! I call you my little tap dancer.

I guess all you wanted for Christmas was your two front (bottom) teeth because that was one of your biggest milestones this month! You shocked us both times we found a tooth because you had shown no grumpy signs of teething. One popped through right when we got back from the cabin and the other popped through on your six month birthday! I can’t believe you have teeth!! And they’re sharp little things! I found the first one because you were chewing on my finger and I felt what felt like a razor against my skin! You’re a trooper!

We love you so much and are having the time of our lives with you. The last half a year has been the best of our lives and we can’t wait to continue watching you grow and become who you were created to be!

You are so unbelievably loved,

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Isabella: 5 Months

My Little Lady Bug,

You are 5 months! You’re still the sweetest most joyful little thing. I loved the newborn stage so much and was a little sad when you started growing so quickly. But, then I realized that every new stage you entered was just as fun as the last! I keep saying, “this stage is my favorite, no this stage is my favorite!”. Life with you is just so stinking amazing and every day is more magical than the one before! We are blessed, my little love.

This month you seem like you’ve gotten so much older! You love to chat, and squeal, and giggle. One of my favorite new noises you’ve been making is lots of “mmm” sounds! Daddy has been truing to get you to say momma since you were first born (he’s so sweet!). I think you’re moving in that direction! You are getting so strong and started pushing your elbows out to try and sit up at the beginning of the month. You also roll all over the place. I definitely can’t set you down and walk away without finding you in a whole other place! You had a doctor appointment this month and, as usual, you were given the stamp of approval and labeled “perfect in every way”. I love you so much and am so thankful that you’re so healthy and happy (and cute!).

I think I may have found your first freckle! I’m not sure how you got one considering how crazy I am about keeping you from getting sunburns. It’s on your leg and it’s kind of cute:)This month you also watched your first parade, tagged along and played with Daddy and Kona on two of Momma’s shoots, had your first Thanksgiving, did a little shopping on Black Friday, you went to your first football game, and mom and dad went on our first date night without you. We had a blast but we both realized that we had no more fun without you than if you were there. You are the peanut butter to our jelly, the gravy to our mashed potatoes, and everything is more fun with you! It’s amazing how much I already can’t imagine ever having lived a life without you.

This month, your dad left us overnight for the first time! We both missed him a lot but we kept each other good company, got lots of snuggles in, and had the whole bed to ourselves. When Daddy got back from China he brought back the cutest presents for you. You are now the proud owner of a tiny red kimono and an adorable little panda hat! You look so cute in both. Your Poppa missed you so much!!

This last month you and Kona have grown closer. You two are as thick as thieves! You love to pet her, you two try to sneak in little kisses when I’m not looking, and you giggle every time she looks at you! One morning I woke up to the sound of you laughing wildly, I looked and Kona was staring at you and licking you. You love our pup and it makes this pup-loving Momma’s heart so happy!!

Speaking of mornings, I’ve never met another soul as cheery as you in the morning. I love to watch you wake up. Your pretty little eyelashes and lips start fluttering and within a few moments your eyes are bright and you greet the day with your biggest smile as I greet you with my biggest “good morning!” and biggest kiss! You are the best, most joyful, start to my days!

This last month (November) is all about thankfulness. This year you are surely at the top of my list! I’m so thankful for you and all of the unbelievable, incomprehensible joy you bring to our lives.

You are SO loved,

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Brandon + Danielle | San Diego Portrait Photography

I had so much fun stepping in to Brandon and Danielle’s lives for a morning. They are so sweet and fun. They are the kind of people that leave you feeling refreshed and joyful after being with them. I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to spend a morning in their world. A world of fresh coffee, cuddles on the couch, board games, a cute kitty, laughter, and… Cake! Every good day starts out with cake!

Brandon and Danielle are celebrating their first wedding anniversary and saved their wedding cake to enjoy again a year later. I love that tradition! Brett and I did that as well and we were surprised at how delicious it still was! Happy anniversary Brandon and Danielle! Thank you so much for giving me a peek in to your beautiful lives. You both are such wonderful people!

Sam + Lindsey | San Diego Wedding Photography

 “Four years ago I never would’ve believed I’d be standing here with a girl who walked in to a coffee shop with a Dodgers hat, of all things. We waited nearly two months before we met each other. After all the texts, emails, and phone calls… some wordless, as we’d each start a movie at the same time from our own house so we could watch it together.

After those two months we held our breath and took a jump, and we learned in life, that all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage to make something great.”

Those words were just a portion of Sam’s sweet vows to Lindsey but they give a peek in to the hearts and love that Sam and Lindsey share. Brett and I were unbelievably honored to photograph Sam and Lindsey’s wedding day. They are a beautiful, kind, genuine, wildly in love pair and you don’t need to be around them long before you learn this about them. Being in their presence is like a big warm hug and I think everyone that attended their wedding felt it.

Sam and Lindsey, I can’t say enough how honored we were to be there on your incredibly beautiful day. We love you both and count ourselves blessed to have you in our lives. Xoxo.

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