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Week 35

Baby Girl, I can not believe we are at 35 weeks! Where has the time gone?! I was told that it was going to slow down and drag on at the end but so far I feel like it’s going faster! I know we still have 5 weeks, but as of now, I love every little bit of being pregnant with you.

Sleep is getting a little more restless. Between having to get up to visit the bathroom multiple times and not being able turn over with out waking up and hoisting my belly over, I have lots of awake time during the night. I consider it good training for when you get here!:)

Now that we have had our shower and your arrival is only weeks away (I can count the weeks on one hand!), you being a part of our day to day life is more real now than ever. I think the reality of that has sent me straight in to “nesting” mode. All I want to do is clean and organize. I know that not everything needs to be perfect before you get here… but I’m going to try! Haha. This week I spent 7 hours straight cleaning. I stopped to eat and that was all. Even after 7 hours, I wasn’t nearly satisfied. There’s still so much more to be clean and organized! We unpacked all of the gifts from your shower and started to put them in their spots in your room. We also received your car seat and stroller this week. I don’t know how early is too early to put it in the car. We’ll probably wait a little bit longer but I’m so excited to see it in there!

It has been a hot one this week! I’ve been living in shorts and tank tops and have spent a lot of time sitting in front of fans. It’s a good thing watermelon is a summer fruit because watermelon straight from the fridge is one of the best things! I think you really like watermelon because I want it all of the time! Maybe watermelon is good growing food; I feel like you’ve been growing faster lately! Grow baby, grow! I can’t believe how soon it will be before you will be here. I can’t wait to squeeze your chubby little cheeks and thighs! xoxo

You are so darn loved,

Week 34

What a fun week this was! We had your baby shower AND I celebrated my first Mother’s Day. I didn’t really think about the fact that this would be my technical first Mother’s Day but your dad made sure to make me feel extra special. After your shower he told me he had made plans for us for the evening. We had a nice dinner downtown and had so much fun talking about life, and you, and all of the fun things we did and received at your shower. I thought a dinner date was more than enough but before our food came to the table, dad pulled out a little white box. I opened it and found a necklace with three little diamonds. He said he liked that it had three because it was a symbol of us going from a family of two to three. It was the sweetest most thoughtful gift! I love it and haven’t taken it off since. A wonderful shower AND A sweet date with your dad… I couldn’t believe so many amazing things happened in one day!

Your baby shower was amazing! It was a beautiful, warm, wonderful day and Dad and I were so happy to celebrate you with so many others that already love you and are so excited to meet you.  We played a bunch of fun games, ate amazing food, and had the best time chatting about your arrival. Our little family was showered in so much love, it was incredible! It was the most amazing feeling to open your gifts and be surrounded by so much baby stuff. It all felt very real before but it definitely feels real now! We had a blast organizing your things and finding spots for them in your nursery. All of your clothes are so adorable and tiny! We can’t wait to see you in them!
This week you’re the size of a pineapple! You’re little fingernails are now to the end of your fingertips and you move all of the time. I still love all of your little wiggles!! They’re the best. We also had a doctors appointment and she said you’re still measuring and growing right on track. I can’t wait this see you!!!

I also had a funny mommy moment this week. We are not nervous at all about your arrival but I had a brief moment while driving on the freeway where I realized that I really don’t know much about the technical side of taking care of you! I know we won’t lack in love for you, but we don’t know much about the rules and procedures of babies. Up until that moment on the freeway I always felt like it would just be instinctual. You would let us know what you need and our instincts and love for you would fill in all of the other little gaps. After a few minutes of thinking about it, I decided that this is still where I’m camping. We don’t know the ins and outs of baby care but we know we’ll figure it out as we go and you will be totally fine! And when in doubt, that’s what a call to Grandma is for right?!:)

You are so loved,

Week 33

This week you’re dad and I can’t stop thinking about when you will be here! It’s going to be the most incredible summer! We are so thankful for the timing of your arrival. It couldn’t be more perfect. Your dad starts his summer break from work the week before you’re due. We can’t wait to spend all of his time off getting to know you and going on little summer adventures together. It’s going to be SO much fun!

This week we also shot our last wedding before you arrive. We brought along your uncle Justin to assist us and help carry my equipment. The day went wonderfully! We had a ton of fun.
Lately we seem to be getting asked all of the time how we’re feeling about your arrival. I know it’s common to start feeling nervous and scared at this point but so far neither of us have any of those feelings. We know we have a lot of change in our near future and life is going to look very different once you’re here, but we feel so excited about all of these coming changes! We’ve been looking forward to you being a part of our family since before you were even on your way. Things will surely look very different but we are beyond excited and ready for all of those differences! Life until now has been absolutely incredible and I wouldn’t have traded any of it for anything but we are so ready for this new chapter and next season… Nothing at all sounds better than life with you!

You are so loved,

Week 32

Dad put your crib together this week! We had so much fun hanging out in your nursery and talking all about you. We are both so incredibly excited to meet you and to start life with you. We’re still gathering little decorations for your nursery and haven’t decided if we like the paint color yet but it’s fun to know that we’re close and that all of the big things are in place! It’s been so fun to take our time and just enjoy each stage of the nursery and preparing for you. I love dreaming about you along the way!

We planted our garden this week! I’m so excited to feed you yummy, fresh, healthy foods from out there. I shoveled lots of dirt and your dad kept an eye out to make sure I didn’t overdo myself. He’s very sweet and protective of us. I thought at 32 weeks I would start slowing down but I’m still feeling so great! I’m definitely careful to listen to my body and not put you or I in any danger but as long as I think we’re safe, I love being up and active and working in the garden.

I celebrated my 26th birthday this week! We spent the weekend doing lots of my favorite things. We spent time with family and friends and visited some of my favorite places and restaurants. It was such a relaxing and sweet weekend! Your dad knows me so well and was so sweet and loving in all of the little things he planned for the weekend. I can’t believe I’m 26, married to the most incredible man, and have a sweet baby girl on the way. I just don’t know how life can get any better than this. 26 feels good!! I can’t believe you will be here with us for the rest of my birthdays!!

You are so so loved,

Dad put your crib together so quickly and easily! I was impressed:) …he did have a cute little helper though.
Exploring San Diego with you and Dad on my 26th birthday:)

Week 31

We got to see you again this week! We watched you practice swallowing and they told us you are head down right now. I don’t know if you’re going to stay that way until you come out but it’s fun knowing where you’re at in there and whether I’m feeling little kicks or little punches. During our sonogram we also got to see a little peek of your fuzzy hair! I can’t wait to kiss that fuzzy little head of yours! I’m so curious how much hair you will have. Dad was a baldy and I had hair for days. I’m so excited for your birth day and all of these little surprises we will get.

Dad and I stopped by the store this week to fix a few things on our registry and we saw the cutest little bathing suit. We both fell in love with it immediately and just could not leave the store without it. We bought one in size 6 months. It’s hard to believe you could ever possibly fit in a new born size! We held it up and couldn’t believe anything could ever be that tiny. Even the three month size was hard to comprehend haha. I can’t wait to see you in that little suit!! This is going to be such a fun summer with you!

We also made one last trip to Disneyland before our passes expire! We had so much fun just moseying around and relaxing at “the happiest place on earth”. I couldn’t ride on very many rides but it was still one of our best days at Disneyland. We saw so many babies around the park and got excited thinking about how our next trip to Disneyland will be WITH you! We love Disneyland and hope you have as much fun making memories there as we do!

You are so loved,

 It used to be Dad’s belly that the lap bar hit first!
 Your first pair of Mickey ears;)

Week 30

We finished your baby registry this week! We had so much fun browsing through the store and picking out all of your little things. We had a few confused moments where we realized we had no idea about some of the things we were “supposed” to be registering for. It was fun and we got a crash course lesson in all things breast pump, bath tubs, and bouncers. It’s amazing how many baby products are out there! We’ve been told by a few seasoned parents not to be fooled and that we don’t actually need much to take good care of you. That was comforting! …But we’re still excited about all of the adorable little things we saw! 😉

You’re the size of a butternut squash this week! You’re really growing in there. I love it! I’ve been getting lots of heartburn this week. I thought I had experienced heartburn before but nothing compares to this kind of heartburn! I’ve been a little more mindful of what I’ve been eating and it seems to be going away already:) Tums are my friend this week! I heard an old wives tale that heartburn is correlated to hair growth. We shall see!

You are so loved,

October 11, 2013 - 2:52 PM

Carly S - 1. I am in love with your orange dress in the first photo; absolutely beautiful. 2. I read through all of your “wishes, hopes, and dreams” for your baby girl and she will cherish these posts someday. Such a sweet and touching idea! <3

Week 29

Your dad was on Spring Break from work this week! I love when he’s on break! We get a whole week of fun, uninterrupted time together. A few months ago we thought we were going to take a trip this week but as it got closer we realized that nothing sounded better than relaxing here together and just enjoying our days taking it easy in the San Diego sunshine. We visited family, ate at lots of yummy restaurants, hung out with friends, went on lots of fun little adventures with Kona, and did a TON of fun projects on the house. We’ve looked forward to having a home of our own for a long time and now that we have one we love doing little projects together to make it more and more our own. We have such a blast doing it! We can’t wait to make memories here with you. I was so excited that we were able to even start working on your nursery this week! It’s all empty and organized, your crib is on the way, and your dresser is done and in place! Now for the fun and cute little decorations to make it perfect:)

I’m still feeling energized and great! This week I was sawing and shoveling dirt right along with dad. I even worked on a few of my own projects; sawing, nailing, and sanding (bump and all)! I was pretty proud of myself:) I’m pretty proud of you too! You’re doing lots of good growing! According to my books, you are now about as tall as you’re going to be before birth and weight about 3lbs! Grow, baby, grow! You’re also on the move all of the time still. Feeling you move is so amazing! Lately you’ve been moving in a new way. Your past movements have felt very twitchy and jumpy, you still move like that sometimes but now you also move in a very fluid intentional way. It’s sort of hard to explain but it has been so much fun to experience. Sometimes when I’m laying in bed at night, I’ll slide my hand under my belly and it feels like your tip-toeing on my palm. You also poke at my belly more:) I’m not sure what you’re doing in there but I can can push back and feel whatever little body part it is that you’re poking with. It is so much fun!!!!!

This week at our birth class we did lots of relaxation practice. Your dad practiced his relaxation back massage (to help during labor) and he was a pro! I am so excited he is going to be playing such a big role on your birth day. I know he’s going to take such good care of us and be the best coach. He’s taking his job so seriously and loves learning about his duties on the big day. Every now and then I do get a wave of nerves about your birth but 99% of the time I feel totally confident and excited about that day. Our bodies were created for this! No matter how that day turns out, and whether or not everything goes according to our “birth plan”, I know it’s going to be incredible!

You are so loved,