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Week 28

Baby Girl, we’re in our third trimester! Can you believe it?! I can’t! This whole pregnancy has been such a dream, I can’t believe we’re already 2/3 of the way through. Everywhere I go, people like to ask about you (especially the sample ladies at Costco). According to the pregnancy books, I’m supposed to be reaching an uncomfortable annoying point in being pregnant …so far that couldn’t be further from the truth! I feel so good and am loving every second of being your momma and growing you. It’s incredible! I just feel so thankful that I get to be a part of this experience. It is getting a little harder to bend over and put on my shoes but I think it’s more funny than annoying.

This week was Easter. Your dad surprised me in bed Easter morning with a cute little Easter basket. It was stuffed with all kinds of goodies and some dresses that he picked out just for you. The dresses are so adorable! Have I mentioned how much he LOVES all of your tiny little clothes? He’s so sweet to us. He played in the church band and you were kicking and dancing in there the whole time. I think you love him a lot already too:) I love when you kick during church. I spent much of the Easter service praying for you, that you will know the incredible love of your Savior and understand the gift that His life and death was to us.

Oh! And you kicked for you grandma (Daddy’s momma) on Easter! She loved feeling you:)

You are so loved,

Week 27

This week your little taste buds are developing! I’ve always enjoyed healthy foods but I’ve been extra excited about eating well now that I’m growing you. I hope you’re little taste buds are enjoying all of the tasty things that have been coming your way! Dad and I love to eat foods from all kinds of cultures. Maybe you’ll get a taste for adventurous eating while you’re in there as well!:) 

Grandma gave us a few adorable outfits this week. Dad was looking through them (he LOVES looking at your little outfits) and couldn’t believe that you were going to be big enough eventually to fit in them. He had a onesie draped across his chest and over his shoulder and exclaimed that he “remember(ed) when you were just the size of a peach!”. It was adorable! We also went to our first birth class this week! We are so excited to learn more about the labor process. The class we are taking places a large emphasis on a husband-coached birth. Dad is so excited to play such a big part on your birth day and I am so excited that he will be such a solid, guiding, loving rock for all three of us on that day. We will make a great team! I’ve said it before and I’ll always say it, he is my best friend and the most amazing person to walk through life with. I’m getting so excited for the day you will arrive!  

You are so loved,

Week 26

I’ve been loving my maternity shirts lately! I really want to buy more soon. They are so comfortable and fit so much better than my normal shirts (most of which have become belly shirts). Speaking of belly, my belly button is starting to push through my shirts! It still hasn’t quite popped out but I think it is well on it’s way! We had our monthly doctor’s appointment this week and you’re growing right on track. I’ve also been falling more in love with yoga. My body feels so good after! 

Your little eyes started to open this week and your brain can respond to noises! I can’t believe it!! Supposedly you’re about 9 inches long now and weigh about 2lbs. Last night I was rubbing my belly and thinking about how much I love you and how much I still have to learn about you. I think I woke you up because you started moving and poking me back. I felt like I got to play with you! It was so much fun! Your movements are my favorite thing. 

You are so loved,

Kona is 6 Months!!!

You’re 6 months old today, little pup!! Happy half birthday to you! We waited eagerly for 3 years, infected with puppy fever until we moved to a place that would let us have you. You were worth the wait! You are the best dog and you have us wrapped around your little hairy white toe. You are the sweetest, cuddliest, wiggliest, goofiest, gassiest little thing and you fit in to our family perfectly. 
In 6 months you’ve grown a ton. You’re just over 30lbs now! You are a pro at getting your shots and let us clip your nails and clean your ears with out flinching. You ALWAYS want to cuddle. You also ALWAYS have gas. (Your ability to clear a room is actually quite impressive!). You’re extremely intuitive and pick up on our emotions easily. You played in snow for the fist time, you’ve gone camping, you love to help your pop pull weeds in the back yard, you love finding and chewing on sticks, you love catching flies, and you love going for walks and trips to Petsmart. You’re very observant and we find you looking up in the sky staring at planes or even the moon from time to time. Your curiousity is so cute but it has gotten you in to trouble (like the time you got stung in the face by the bee you were investigating). Your favorite toys are the frisbee, tennis balls, and squeaky toys. You LOVE your pop and get so excited when you hear his car pull up after work. You learned quickly how to sit, stay, lay down, fetch, come, leave it, drop it,  and go to your bed when told. You picked up on potty training immediately and have yet to chew up and destroy anything!! We’ve become “those dog people” but in our defense… you’re a pretty incredible pup!
We picked you from your litter right away. Even though you were one of 7, it was an easy choice. Your little face and heart shaped nose were heart-melting! We also happened to pick you from your litter a week before we found out we had another little wiggly one on the way! You’ve been a good mini-dose of baby training. Yours and my first few weeks together were spent doing lots and lots of cuddling as I was plagued with morning sickness. I remember on one particularly nauseous morning you ran in to the bathroom and put your little paw on my back and whimpered as I was getting sick. I almost melted in to a puddle of mush on the bathroom floor! You love to watch kids play when we go to the park and you love it even more when one comes over to pet you. In fact, one of the few naughty things you’ve done was pull out of your leash and run to a group of playing kids on a walk. I’m so excited for you to play with this little human puppy on the way. You already love to cuddle her and don’t mind at all when she kicks you in the head as you sleep on her. 
We love you little bear and are so thankful for all of the joy, laughs, cuddles, and wiggles you bring in to our home! I can’t imagine life without you! You’re asleep on my feet right now and I’m about to wake you up and give you a new squeaky toy!! You’re going to freak. xoxo.
Our bee eating, fly catching, giant stick finding, can’t figure out how to sit in her seat, wiggly little pup!
We call this her donut. She sleeps in a tight little curled up donut ball every night!
My little kitchen helper. She’s always at my feet when I’m cooking!
The night we picked out our little Kona Bear. B sat down in the middle of the litter and every single one ran to him and piled in his lap! We just about died of cuteness overload!

Week 25

I wore my first maternity shirt this week!! I was so excited to put it on. I’ve been waiting for the day that they didn’t look too baggy and that day has finally come. I love that you’re so happy and healthy in there. I read that you’re nostrils are no longer sealed and you’ve begun taking practice breaths! Absolutely amazing.

We have chosen our birthing class. We haven’t started class yet but we went to the orientation this week. It was so informative and interesting. We’re excited to learn more and start class in a few weeks! I don’t feel super nervous about labor yet. As long as you arrive safe and healthy then we’re happy!

This week was the week of blood tests! I have never been a fan of needles but I must say, I’m becoming a pro. I guess it’s just part of my motherhood initiation. I can’t say I love it but I know it’s for your best interest.

We did more fun projects on the house this weekend. We painted our entire dining room! Don’t worry, we had lots of ventilation and I wore a mask to make sure you were safe. We blasted some music and sang, danced (I shook my belly extra for you), laughed, and painted late in to the night. We had so much fun! Your dad is truly my best friend. I can’t wait for you to join in on all of the fun and I can’t wait for all of the memories soon to be made with you in that dining room. It won’t be long before the floor is covered in your snacks. Kona is excited about that part too!

You also kicked for your grandma (my momma) this week!! I loved that she got to feel you. It was a pretty neat life moment for me:)

You are so loved baby girl,

Week 24

Dad and I have been working on the house a lot lately! Partially because we want it to be all ready for you and mostly because we have so much fun doing projects together. This past weekend we had a project day and I ran out top pick up a few things from the store and lunch. While ordering our food, the cashier asked when I was due! I have been waiting for a stranger to notice your presence. I got so excited and exclaimed that he was the first person to ask and told him how excited I was that he did. I don’t think he was expecting such a reaction from me but I couldn’t help myself!

The Braxton Hicks contractions have begun! They’re not uncomfortable or painful but just a strange sensation. At first I didn’t know what in the world they were. I was told that dehydration sometimes brings them on so I’ve been drinking water like a fish! I don’t think I’ve ever drunk so much water in my life as I do now.

I had another funny dream this week! In the dream I went in to pre-term labor and had to give birth in a strangers apartment with a nurse I’ve never met. No one I knew was around me and you came out so fast that I didn’t have time to call anyone. The nurse handed you to me and told me that I had had a 10lb BOY! I was shocked and confused but excited to get a look at you. I pulled back the blanket and you had the thickest coat of dark and curly chest hair. It was a very very strange dream!

You are so loved,

Week 23

I’m so glad oranges are a good and healthy food for you because I have pretty much eaten my weight in them this week. It doesn’t help that the weather is getting so nice and warm, a cold orange from the fridge is the perfect snack! The other night I finished my dinner quickly just so that I could go grab a handful of oranges and start peeling again. Mmm mmm mmm.

A few people around me have started to make comments about how big you’re getting. These comments are music to my ears!! I love love love you and the growing bump you’re making on my middle. It’s a constant reminder of how amazing this all is and how real you are. Your dad loves your little bump too. He kisses you lots and has decided that your bump has made me my cutest he’s ever seen me. Hehe. I love your Dad! I’m still wearing my shirts but they are fitting more and more awkwardly. Normal length shirts have become belly shirts and long shirts look normal length. The other day I wore a button up blouse and while running errands it busted open! Oops. I think maternity shirts are around the corner. I can’t wait to start wearing maternity shirts!!

I know some people talk about having weird dreams when they are pregnant. I’ve always had wild dreams so I don’t know if my recent ones are pregnancy induced or normal but they have been hilarious. The other night I dreamt that it was finally time for you to arrive… except that it wasn’t just you who arrived. I gave birth to three of you and three puppies. You all slept in the same crib!

P.S. The belly button continues to change shape. Still no drastic changes but I think it may be shallower… To be continued

You are so loved sweet baby,